Here's a sampling of commercials I've worked on.

2 views of a huge crane I built for First Union Bank Superbowl commercial.
(That's me on the left) We built this in only 7 weeks, mostly of laser cut
acrylic.  The drawings were done in Autocad by me and my friend Don Bies.

Animated paper cutout man for a Burger King Commercial. His hand
turns the crank on the film camera, and has an animation armature
on the inside.

This is what we call a 'squash and stretch' series of replacement
characters for a stop motion animated JC Penney Christmas
commercial.  The last man on the left is fully articulated.

What we called the 'Pizzinator'. One of the torture devices used on
the poor unsuspecting pizza slice in the series of 'Mr. Bill' Pizza Hut

A half-scale model of the Mars Viking Lander.  It was built for an IBM
magazine ad.  The lander was completed, paint and all, in just 4 days.

Ahh, the Chomper.  All I did on this was a bunch of the front detailing.  But
the entire thing is only about 20" tall (I swear).  It had a water-cut steel saw
blade that cut through the building.  Also for First Union Bank.

A final still from the Clio-nominated Coca-Cola commercial 'Contraption.
I art directed this commercial with my friend Lucy Blackwell, and built
12 working Rube Goldberg type mechanical gags that delivered the final
Coke. As the glove deflated, the drink is poured.  In house testing proved
this pour one of the most popular (and delicious looking) drink pours
Coca-Cola had yet produced.

El Dorado, or the lost city of gold.  Built for a Lexus commercial in '98.
Carved from eurethane foam and pained with epoxy, gold paint and gold
leaf, it was completed and shot in under a week.

This was a 'Buckaroo Banzai' style spaceship built for  a Good Guys commercial.
As with most commercials, we had 2 entire days to deliver this prop, painted and
with lights.

The Statue of Liberty's foot, made entirely from paper and foil.  Also for Burger King.

Another torture device for the unsuspecting Mr. Pizza Head.  It injected
cheese into his crust.

And the Pizza theater, built in miniature.  Notice the happy/sad
theater faces at the top of the proscenium.


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