Adam Savage at your service.  I am, in general, a maker of things.  I've built everything from spaceships to buddhas, from puppets to rifles, from sculptures to toys.   And just about anything else you can think of.

I've been building my own toys since I was 5 or 6, and
have worked in the Special Effects industry, both film and commercial, for the past 8 years or so.  I have also  worked as  an animator, graphic designer,  rigger, stage and interior designer, carpenter, scenic painter, welder, actor, writer, and Television Host .

Here you'll find a selection of what I can do, and of what I've done.  As a collector of skills, I've worked in metal, glass, plastics, neon, injection molding, vacu-forming, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, casting and moulding, welding, brazing, machining, lathing, wood, animatronics and robots.

I've worked on over a hundred TV commercials, a dozen or so feature films, and am currently hosting the show "Mythbusters" on the Discovery channel.  I've worked on Star Wars Episodes I and II, Space Cowboys, Galaxy Quest, Terminator 3, the Matrix sequels, and A.I. among others. I've done R&D for toy companies, acted in commercials and films, and done props and sets for Coca-Cola, Dow Corning, Hershey's, Lexus, and  a host of New York and San Francisco theater companies.

I'm also a scultptor, of mixed media assemblage, who's had my work represented in over 40 shows in San Francisco, New York and (of all
places) Charleston, West Virginia.  There's plenty of pictures of my
word here too.


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