In the summer of 2002, my friend Jamie Hyneman and I spent 5 weeks shooting
3 one-hour shows for the Discovery channel.

The press release is HERE

It's currently playing on the Discovery channel.  You can go to and find
when it's playing in your area.  If you like the show, by all means write to them and let them

In the show, we're the Mythbusters, and we prove and disprove urban legends
by experimenting with them.

It's Jackass meets Mr. Science. And we're not just testing the myths,
we're putting our bodies on the line to bring you the truth!

To test the myth as to whether a person of large posterior could get stuck on
an airline toilet seat, we obtained said toilet, and moulded and cast a large rubber
bottom and tested the possibility.  Here I'm goofing around with the shroud of the
toilet itself.

On the 20th aniversary of the famous balloon flight of 'Lawnchair Larry', we duplicated
his famous flight.   Using 55 helium-filled weather balloons, I ascended to a height
of 100' (higher than that and the FAA would have frowned on the excersize).
Above, the goofy astronaut shot of me on the way to the chair.

That's me at the peak of the flight.  It was a beautiful morning.

That's Jamie and I setting up my skeleton for the 'Pop Rocks' Myth.

At rest between takes.  I won't tell you what we were testing here.

Here's our 'Rocket Car'  out on the El Mirage lakebed north of Los Angeles.

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